Mashup May (episode 12)

Hello, and a very warm Mopomoso welcome to Mashup May’s episode! Mopomoso Team’s Charlotte Keeffe recommends this Mopomoso Mashup moptail to accompany today’s special show… Drop some ice cubes into your favourite glass once again, mash a handful of white grapes and add the juice to the ice, followed by a big squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of pear juice and a delicate drop of elderflower cordial, stir, mashup and mix! Fill the rest of your glass with soda water and maybe a little spirit of your choice, whiskey? Garnish with sage leaves for a yummy mashup taste!

On with the show… This month, we’re thrilled to present the following improvising musicians and artists… Abbey Duet by Paul Hubweber Joschka Oetz and Ebba Jahn Matt Taylor –… AONY by Mark Hewins –… Tribute to John by Yumiko Yoshimoto – Dee Byrne – Utopies Instrumentales – Quatuor Remy Belanger de Beauport, Oliver D’Amours, Gueze, Robin Servant White Rabbit by Paul Khimasia Morgan Ivan Mrsic Hommage to Phill Dryson (excerpt) Adam Bohman… and Adrian Northover Bambu by Thomas Rohrer –… Fiona Lee, Jasper Fung and Nerve – Live at 形起釋影 いんへいしっくいん. The session was recorded at Twenty Alpha on 26 Feb 2021. The full-length video: Fiona Lee (electronics, self-made instrument) Jasper Fung (electronics, objects) and Nerve (electronics, toy piano) John Russell – and Louis Moholo Moholo… Audio and visual material for the Mashup videos is by the Mopomoso Team – see the website below for more details. The Mashup videos have been created by Kostas, dd and Charlotte for this episode. What a wonderful episode once again! Thank you to EVERYONE involved & thank you to you for watching! Please share the shows, spread the Mopomoso music: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world on Sunday 20th June! For more details/info and to get in touch, please visit our website;​ Love from the Mopomoso Team! MOPOMOSO LIVE RETURNS AT THE VORTEX ON SUNDAY 27TH JUNE!

Episode 11: April

Hello, and a very warm Mopomoso welcome to April’s show! Mopomoso Team’s Charlotte Keeffe recommends sipping this Mopomoso minty, nutty moptail to accompany today’s show… Pop some ice cubes into your favourite glass, add a big handful of fresh mint leaves, and a generous squeeze of fresh lime juice, followed by some almond syrup splashes, fill the rest of your glass with fresh orange juice and soda water, oh and some vodka if you fancy!

Off we go, this month we’re delighted to present the following improvising musicians and artists…

‘Touch’ by Performance Artist: Ilka Theurich / Video Lifestream & Recording: Marlo Zirr / Video Editing: Ilka Theurich. This performance was presented during the performance series: Stay LIVE at Home, organised by performistanbul, nominated by Jacqueline Van de Geer, with the technical support of Marlo Zirr, streamed at the 26th of November 2020 from Studio: Ilka Theurich – project space, Hannover GERMANY – “ReWilding” by Stuart Wilding – lap harp and original film –, Peter Urpeth – IOS instruments, sound processing, film composition and editor – Through The Looking Glass Guitar by Kei Nakano – Enamored – Impotent – Content by Sarah Lamb and Oliver Alexander – solo duet by by Alex Ward – A furious Rise – Tamed by Information [Scherzo] by Geoffrey Mark Mathews –… Walden a Pulse by Jane Wang – electronics, filmed by Jane Wang : underwater using GoPro, 2020-08-18 Zoom duo Leahy-Speyer 1 – David Leahy – Loz Speyer – Gloria Damijan –… Sue Ferrar – Jorge Nuno – BOMPADIRA by Ståle Liavik Solberg –… and Ketil Gutvik – Tim & struPPPi recommend (the experts) –… Time for Video – Oxford Improvisers – and Ebba Jahn – John Russell – and Li-Chim Li – What a super episode! Thank you to EVERYONE involved & thank you to you for watching! Please share the shows, spread the Mopomoso music: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world on Sunday 16th May! For more details/info and to get in touch, please visit our website;​ Love from the Mopomoso Team!

Matriarchal March Mopomoso (Episode 10)

Hello, & a very warm March Matriarchal Mopomoso welcome to today’s special instalment of Mopomoso TV! Maggie Nicols (…​) will be joining us for this month as an introducer and all-round iconic woman! Maria Sappho (​) has weaved together this awesome episode of Mopomoso TV & also features as an introducer alongside Maggie & the rest of the Mopomoso Team!

Mopomoso Team’s Charlotte Keeffe recommends this Mopomoso Matriarchal Venus moptail: Drop a few ice cubes into your favourite glass, add a big splash of prosecco & elderflower cordial, or just elderflower cordial, fill 75% of your glass up with blood orange juice, maybe a splash of aperol too, get the taste you want by adding a little more elderflower cordial, &/or prosecco and then complete your drink by adding soda water, serve with big a slice of orange on the side…

Caroline Kraabel –​ Aurelie Freoua – Résonances – filmed by Mark James. Liran Donin (double bass), Simon Roth (drums), Alberto Palau Garcera (piano)​,​ Instagram: @aurelie_art, @resonances_performances James Christian Winters (they/them) – “Calling Venus” –​ Zoe Katsilerou – filmed & choreographed by Zoe Katsilerou –​ instagram: @zoekatsilerou Silvia Bolognesi, double bass –​ Pat Moonchy – Flying swans –…​ Elke Schipper & John Russell – The Art of the Duo – Vario 50 – recorded October 2014 at the KUBUS, Hannover –…​ Ebba Jahn (​) & women of Oxford Improvisers (​) – a women’s arts interplay SOLO FOR ENCAUSTICS, video collage by Ebba Jahn (5:30​ min., 2021), with images and recordings by Oxford Improvisers in order of appearance; Suzanne Healey – tone woods, Jill Elliot – viola, Clare Woodham – bass clarinet with Emma Wellings – djembe, Camilla Cancantata – vocals, piano, Rosalind Bleach – viola, Lizzy Spight – vocals, dance, Nini Sakhri – piano, gongs, soundscape, vocals. Encaustic Paper Pairs artworks by Ulrike Hasenburg. Biggi Vinkeloe –​ Rie Nakajima (she/her) (Fukuoka/London) –​ Emily Newman (she/her) –​,​,​ Ulrike Schöller – visual Artist, Germany – https://ateliergrammophon.wordpress.c…​ Yasuko Kaneko, trombone –…​ Una MacGlone – (Twitter) @unabass @barkbarkdogsp @Jeanmcewan Sarah Pudelek – author, Germany –…​,…​ Emily Suzanne Shapiro –​, https://lonelyimpulsecollective.bandc…​, https://www.lonelyimpulsecollective.c…​ Sue Lynch –​ and Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet).,​ Lyn Hodnett and Gill Whiteley – Les Petroleuses, Together/Apart under Lockdown February 2021. Free improvisation audio was created and exchanged by Lyn and Gill; spontaneous drawings were then created in separate locations (Sheffield and Bala, Wales) whilst listening to each other’s audio. Audio tracks and video compiled by Gill. See…​ Yuki Saga (Vo,E.Gt) –​,​ Yumiko Tanaka (she/her) (E.Taisho-goto, Vo, Puppet manipulation) –​ RSH improv ladies 吾輩は猫である (Wagahai-wa neko de aru) Russian Lyrics spoken by Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, violin by Gayeong Gal and Xiaoxuan Chen, kitchen percussion by Xiaojingwen “Molly” Zhang, piano by her cat, synthesiser and mixing by Hubertus Dreyer EnnaWest, Lullaby – visual artist, Germany –…​ Maggie Nicols & John Russell (​) from the Mopomoso archive –…​ Checkout & subscribe to Faradena Afifi’s & Marion Treby’s Noisy Women YouTube channel here;…​ & here’s their website;​ Maria Sappho runs the facebook Feminsit Free Improvisation, everyone is welcome please join!…​ Thank you to EVERYONE involved & thank you to you for watching! Spread the Mopomoso music: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world on Sunday 18th April! Visit our website;​​ Love from the Mopomoso TV Team! Xxx

Celebration of John Russel’s Life in Music (Episode 9)

Hello, & a very warm, special Mopomoso welcome to Mopomoso TV’s Celebration of its founder, John Russell! Please note, this show is over 2hours & 15minutes long, so you might want to make yourself a Mopomoso cocktail, or two, from our selection here;​ Many thanks to everyone involved in Mopomoso, especially to Mopomoso TV team’s Kostas Chondros for bringing everything together for you to watch today.

Further Mopomoso thanks & credits, in no particular order: John Russell Lecture (6 clips), John Russell – visiting Professor Lecture Musashino Art University, June 10, 2019 Camera: Zhang Fei – Zhao Zhengrong, Editing: Zhang Fei, Translation: Matsushita Yumi, Organisation: Christophe Charles – Musashino Art University Visiting Professor Program, June 10~15, 2019.…​ Chris Burn – piano Mike Cooper – guitar Suzueri Kay Grant – film & vocals Paul Buckton Susanna Ferrar – violin Akio Suzuki – percussion/objects & John Russell – guitar, film – Helen Petts Maggie Nicols – voice Roger Turner – percussion Ken Ikeda – electronics & Tetuzi Akiyama – guitar Clive Bell – shakuhachi & ukulele Recording of 2013 workshop at SPM contributed by Nicola Guazzaloca Stewart Lee Tanja Feichtmair – alto saxophone & John Russell – guitar Riya Kori – voice Phil Durrant – electronics Dave Tucker – guitar Steve Beresford – piano, Helen Petts image Ståle Liavik Solberg Raymond MacDonald – saxophone, edited by Maria Sappho,​ James Christian Winters/Tumbleweed – Improvization for John Russell Dom Lash Osvaldo La Porta – ULTIMO Ove Volquartz – “Blue Line with Yellow Contour” Enzo Rocco – ciao John Paulo Hartmann – “Have a safe trip John” Mia Zabelka Gina Southgate & Alan – For John, Normal Rules Final Gianni Mimmo Body (interlude) Rick Jensen Dom Minasi – In Memory of John Russell, email: [email protected] Yasuko Kaneko Pascal Marzan – “Hommage a John Russell” Showji Masaharu – saxophone, “For John Russell from Showji Masaharu” Nicola Guazzaloca – Eduardo Marraffa, in memory john russell Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, duet from Maggie Nicols & Steve Beresford, edited by Ross Birrell Hauta-Aho, John Russell & Phil Wachsmann – Festival R de Choc #2 Ollie Brice Elaine Mitchner, Alison Blunt, Mark Sanders & John Russell Vario 44 – Dorothea Schürch, John Butcher, Günter Christmann, Thomas Lehn, John Russell, Roger Turner Antoine Prum Nicola L. Hein Sabu Toyozumi Vario 50 – Elke Schipper, John Russell, Alexander Frangenheim, Mats Gustafsson, John Russell Kei Nakano’s tribute will be part of a future Mopomoso TV episode Douglas Benford Musashino Art University Students & Lecturers who attended the John Russell Workshops in 2018 & 2019, “Homage à John Russell” Christophe Charles: sound, camera, Ichiseki Fuko: ms-20 synthesizer, JOU: dance, Koyanagi Junji: network, Kurashima Yuta: cymbals, violin, Lee Jaewon: cans, cardboards, Lu Jadai: guitar, Maeda Seitaro: digital synthesizer, Matsuo Shintaro: soft synthesizer, Morishige Hikaru: radio, Yokoba Yuri: arp odyssey, Zhang Junkai: bass, toothbrush. Chad Clark Stephen Ying – flute, Refa Wang – double bass & Atelier YenAn – film Yumiko Tanaka, Jenny Gallego – film John Butcher, Dom Lash & John Russell – with photos from the archives of John Butcher, Luc Houtkamp, Sean Kelly & Andy Newcombe Veryan Weston & Joe Smith Sands Akira Sakata Akihiro Kubota George Burt – John’s Galliard Martin Vishnick – ‘The Tolling Gong for John Russell’, inspired by John Donne’s poem ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ Pascal Marzan, Paulo Hartmann & John Russell Lucky & Pat Moonchy – soundcheck at SKRONK Ute Wassermann – breathing, voice, microphone, “For John Russell from Ute Wassermann”​ Phil Minton Doctor Who/John – Maria Sappho Maarten Altena Burkhard Beins Günter Christmann Martin Davidson Terry Day Jim Denley John Edwards Jo Fell Caroline Forbes Steve Frances Alexander Frangenheim Mike Gennaro Leslie Glasgow Mats Gustafsson Jörg Hufschmidt Matthew Hutchinson Thomas Lehn Michael Lembke Paul Lovens Radu Malfatti Mathias Maschat Phil Morsman Torsten Müller Evan Parker Antoine Prum Elke Schipper Ulrike Schöller Dorothea Schürch Jean-Michel van Schouwburg Raymond Strid David Tinn Kris Vanderstraeten Isabelle Vannier Ting Yui Enna West Otomo Yoshihide Please spread the Mopomoso word! You can also follow John Russell’s Mopomoso legacy here: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more tributes to John Russell & more freely improvised music from around the world – March’s episode will be dedicated to women improvisers. For more details/info & to get in touch, please visit our website;​ Love from the Mopomoso TV Team! xx

Episode 8: January

Hi folks & a very warm Mopomoso welcome to our January 2021 Mopomoso TV instalment! Mopomoso TV team’s, Charlotte Keeffe, recommends accompanying this episode by making and sipping a Mega Ginger Mopomoso Grapefruit Spritzer!

Pop some ice cubes into your favourite glass and then fill about 75% of it with some yummy ginger beer/ale, easy! Now, pour some grapefruit juice in and a spirit of your choice if you wish, stir and sip! Garnish with mint leaves and cranberries for wintery, refreshing tones…

And off we go!

Knockouts with Low Notes –…​ Rosy Chen with an improvisation on a Montenegro folk melody –​ Petero Kalulé & Ed Shipsey with an extract from a no longer live stream –​ Mark Browne with Wrinkles and Grimaces –​ Maggie Nicols & Faradena Afifi: Maggie & Fara met in 2014 & they currently meet regularly to play together on Zoom;…​ Fara is a Tai Chi Instructor & also runs workshops for exploring movement and improvisation. You can find out about these at the following links;…​ &​ Stefan Keune & Hans Schneider –​ &…​ Steve Beresford –…​ Dee Byrne with Rain –​ Martin Harrison (sculpture), Catherine Pluygers, Sue Ferrar, Sue Lynch, Neil Metcalfe, Adrian Northover, Adam Bohman;​ The MirroR Unit: Tim O’Dwyer, altosaxophone + preparations, Georg Wissel, altosaxophone + preparations, two saxophones, two improvisers and two explorers, recorded and filmed by T.O’Dwyer and G. Wissel on November, 6, 2020. The MirroR unit represents the synergy and intricate level of communication that can only happen when two improvisers at the top of their game meet in concert. Technically the two alto saxophone players cover the whole gamut of conventional and extended sounds to be created on the instruments and cover a wide spectrum of approaches and styles in addition to a rich and subtle pallet of textures derived from their use of preparations– this is especially so in the case of Georg Wissel’s armoury of objects that have been meticulously researched over time to extend the sonic capacity of the alto saxophone. In turn, Wissel’s subtle colouring is met head-on by Tim O’Dwyer’s punchy articulated phrasing. TMU has been performing together since 2014 across Germany, South East Asia and Australia. They released their debut CD ‘Wind Makes Weather’, on Creative Sources in 2014 and are looking to release their second live recording in 2021.​… John Russell (guitar) and Roger Turner (drums) filmed by mcddavid (previously unreleased) during jmi Jazzwoche 2010, 2nd of November when Helen Petts was presenting a collection of her films at Kino im Sprengel, Hannover, Germany (…​ Helen Petts filmed also the whole concert: 1)…​ 2)…​ 3)…​ jmi Jazzwoche 2010, 2nd of November: Helen Petts presenting a collection of her films Kino im Sprengel, Hannover, Germany Watch also:​… Thank you for tuning into Mopomoso TV today, the next episode/premiere is on Sunday 21st February at 2pm, we look forward to ‘seeing’ you then… Please follow Mopomoso TV on Twitter (@MopomosoT), Instagram (@Mopomoso) & Facebook (@MopomosoTV) & do visit our website –​ – to complete a submission form for video contributions, watch teasers, revisit 2020’s Holiday Season Specials & more… Please support The Vortex;

Holiday Special (Episode 7)

Hello mopomoso-aphiles! We are delighted to share with you the upcoming mopomoso holiday extravaganza season. Tune in throughout the holiday season for a free celebration of freely improvised music! Keep an eye on this page for all upcoming teasers, news and links to the events.

December 20th 2020, 2pm GMT: The Christmas Party!

Scheduled on the usual day for the treasured mopomoso Christmas event, we present a collection of memories from cherished performances over the many years we have all been together.

Mopomoso TV team’s Charlotte Keeffe says, ‘how about accompanying this instalment with a Mopomoso Christmas Party fruity Moptail? Find your favourite glass, pop some ice into it, add some cranberry juice, orange juice and if you wish, a big splash of your favourite vodka! Serve with a cherry on a toothpick, dusted in ground cinnamon… enjoy!’

Mopomoso Christmas Party, 20th December 2pm GMT First up we have,

Alan Tomlinson (trombone) and Alan Wilkinson (sax) from 2013’s Mopomoso Xmas Party at The Vortex, London. Filmed by Kostas Chondros.

Next up we have, Nii Noi Nortei (string instrument), Peng Ren (throat singing) and Seth Bennett (bass) from the Xmas Mopomoso Party in December 2015 at The Vortex. Sound recorded by Tim Fletcher. Filmed & edited by Kostas Chondros.

Then we have a Mopomoso TV team duo from Sylvia Hallett (violin, electronics, voice) and Paul Jolly (bass clarinet). Sound recording by Tim Fletcher. Filming and editing by Kostas Chondros.

Then a Christmas party stalwart, Jez Parfett (piano) at the Xmas Mopomoso Party in December 2018 at The Vortex, London. Sound recorded by Tim Fletcher. Filmed & edited by Kostas Chondros.

Next, there is Noel Taylor (clarinet), Julie Kjaer (sax) and Andrea Caputo (guitar) from the Mopomoso Xmas Party in 2013. Filmed by Kostas Chondros.

And then a trio, including Mopomoso TV team’s very own Rachel Musson (sax) with Alice Eldridge (cello), and Seth Bennett (bass) from the Mopomoso Xmas Party in 2013. Filmed by Kostas Chondros.

And now onto Viv Corringham (voice), Hannah Marshall (cello) and Illi Adato (electronics, percussion) also from the Mopomoso Xmas Special 2013. Filmed by Kostas Chondros.

And finally, a wonderful toy laptop quartet with Steve Beresford, John Russell, Kay Grant and Roger Turner from 2007.

Don’t despair we aren’t done yet, to take us into the holiday Mopomoso season we have an especially made Merry Christmas Mopomoso, by Santa Sprees and a special Mopomoso Rap by ENNÉ -

Thank you so much for coming ‘out’ today, and please remember to check our website for the entire holiday lineup and teasers. Here’s a quick lowdown of what we have in store for you! MOPOMOSO HOLIDAY SCHEDULE DECEMBER 24TH 2020 2PM GMT: HOLIDAY CONVERSATION (AND SOME MUSIC TOO!) DECEMBER 26TH 2020 2PM GMT: FREELY IMPROVISED POST FESTIVITY LISTENING DECEMBER 31ST 2020 2PM GMT: GOODBYE 2020! JANUARY 1ST 2021 2PM GMT: WELCOME 2021! Please support The Vortex –

December 24th 2020 2pm GMT: Holiday conversation (and some music too!)

Join the Mopomoso TV team for some wandering thoughts, sounds and laughter ending with a beautiful film of the man who started it all – John Russell, captured by the wonderful Helen Petts.

Christmas Eve Moptail by Mopomoso TV team’s Charlotte Keeffe How about this Christmasy Mopomoso jammy Moptail Mojito?

So, take your favourite glass, add some ice, or maybe some chilled tonic water? Pop in a teaspoon of marmalade with some mandarin juice and then if you’d like to, pour two big splashes of dark rum and a star anise, stir to your liking and then sip away… Merry Mopomoso Christmas Eve folks!

Off we go, kicking off with Santa Sprees; Followed by, a Holiday singing sweets by Elico Suzuki (suzueri)

A behind the scenes look at how Mopomoso TV is made chat and play with the Mopomoso TV team communicating in an improvised way using lots of words and music, from London, Faversham, Hannover, Huddersfield, Luton, Tokyo, edited by dd,

Three Wise Monkeys, a trio about Christmas time with Susanna Ferrar on violin, Jerry Wigens on Clarinet and Pascal Marzan on guitar,,

The special Mopomoso Rap by ENNÉ –

John Russell solo guitar filmed by Helen Petts –,,

Thank you so much for coming ‘out’ today, and please remember to check our website for the entire holiday lineup and teasers. Here’s a quick lowdown of what we have in store for you! MOPOMOSO HOLIDAY SCHEDULE DECEMBER 26TH 2020 2PM GMT: FREELY IMPROVISED POST FESTIVITY LISTENING DECEMBER 31ST 2020 2PM GMT: GOODBYE 2020! JANUARY 1ST 2021 2PM GMT: WELCOME 2021! Please support The Vortex –

December 26th 2020 2PM GMT: Freely improvised post festivity listening

Possibly boxing days cheapest event, sit back and relax and listen to some wonderful contributions of the music we all love so much.

BOXING DAY MOPTAIL What about this Mopomoso yummy, juicy ginger Moptail to accompany today’s Boxing Day Mopomoso blast?

Prepare your favourite glass with a little ice and/or some chilled soda water, pour in some ginger ale, lemon and/or lime juice, and some grape juice, stir in and add a generous splash of a spirit of your choice if you wish, maybe rum, vodka, or gin? Serve with a Christmassy cherry, dusted in ground cinnamon, or maybe a sprig of rosemary and pomegranate seeds… improvise!

And the program for today!

New York Guitar Duo – Ritual 2 of our partner Atelier Grammophon

Phil Durrant,

Marion Treby and Farandena Afifi, piano, cello (chair) in Marion’s garden

SIN-3-Intro (Source): inspired by: and SIN-3 (Burkhard Beins – Thomas Lehn – Georg Wissel)

Emmanuelle Pellegrini improvised french poetry with Pascal Marzen guitar suzueri at Asakusa, Tokyo (18/07/20)

J Frisco features Lara Jones (sax), Megan Roe (guitar) and Jemma Freese (keys);,

Gino Robair, In My Kitchen, by Helen Petts;,

AGogol (Sound) – Telemach Wiesinger (Film)

Mike Adcock, music played on tuned fragments of Welsh Ffestiniog Blue Roof Slates Recorded at the University of Gloucestershire by Alasdair Darling

Alberto Braida solo Questa è la miglior festa rossa a cui sia mai stata (filmed by mcddavid)

The special Mopomoso Rap by ENNÉ –

Thank you so much for coming ‘out’ today, and please remember to check our website for the entire holiday lineup and teasers. Here’s a quick lowdown of what we have in store for you! MOPOMOSO HOLIDAY SCHEDULE DECEMBER 26TH 2020 2PM GMT: FREELY IMPROVISED POST FESTIVITY LISTENING DECEMBER 31ST 2020 2PM GMT: GOODBYE 2020! JANUARY 1ST 2021 2PM GMT: WELCOME 2021! Please support The Vortex –

December 31st 2020 2PM GMT: Goodbye 2020!

An incredible host of free improvising musicians coming to you from all around the globe, freely floating us into a future and a new year full of joy.

New Year’s Eve Moptail by Mopomoso TV team’s Charlotte Keeffe…

So, for New Year’s Eve why not try this delicious, blackberry moody Mopomoso Moptail number in your favourite glass… Use the back of a small spoon to squash and mix together a generous handful of blackberries, then add a big splash, or squeeze of lemon juice, a little vanilla extract and a teaspoon of honey, mix altogether and maybe strain through any kind of strainer you have to hand to get rid of any hard bits from the blackberries. Once strained, add chilled soda water, stir and enjoy… Serve with some fresh mint leaves and of course, add a splash of your favourite spirit, if you wish…

On the program today, we have…

Twilight Zone (intro); Mopomoso Zone by Brutalust; Maria Sappho & Colin Frank (with small snippet of Raymond MacDonald saxophone),

David Ryan with/in a Hallway, Italy;

Pool by Carina Khorkhordina;,

Burkhard Beins; & Axel Doerner; Tetuzi Akiyama / suzueri; for the full version go to: Ivor Kallin;

More Than Once by Stephen Grew;

In the Middle of Nowhere by Simon McCorry (cello) & Satoko Fukuda (dancer);,

James Bailey playing the trombone & sax at once performed at the Gerrard Art Space, Toronto;

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra/Auld Lang Syne; Dave Panton (bagpipes) & Terry day (drums);,

Russell / Durrant / Butcher, Leverkusen 1992, introduced by Tim & stru PPPi (1);,,

The special Mopomoso Rap by ENNÉ;

Thank you so much for coming ‘out’ today, please remember to check our website; for the entire Holiday Specials lineup, schedule, teasers & more! And join us again tomorrow, January 1st, at 2pm GMT as we welcome in 2021! Please support The Vortex;

January 1st 2021 2PM GMT: Welcome 2021!

We couldn’t just leave you at the end of 2020, so we are back for one last holiday event – with thanks and love for the incredible community you have all created around this new Mopomoso adventure. We are honoured to have shared these passed 8 months with you all, and thank you for helping us make Mopomoso TV!

How about this New Year’s Day Moptail by Mopomoso TV team’s Charlotte Keeffe! WAHOO,

Happy Mopomoso New Year folks! Let’s celebrate this instalment of Mopomoso TV by raising a glass of Mopomoso New Year Sparkle… Taking your favourite glass – make it a champagne glass today 😉 and pour in some chilled, sparkly elderflower juice, or elderflower cordial with chilled soda water onto some ice cubes, add some pomegranate juice, and/or cranberry juice, stir gently and serve with raspberries, you could also add a splash of vodka or… treat yourself to some champagne!

On the program today, we have… Paul Hubweber & Joschka Oetz with Balm, filmed by Ebba Jahn;,

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Scotch Snap;

Maggie Nicols (voice), Claire Turner (dance) & Ferdinand Bergstrøm (guitar);,

RSH improvisation class with in these times 2;

Yumiko & Yumiko;,,,

Jean-Michel VanSchouwburg with back garden sing; Sarah Woolfenden (trumpet) & Justin Harries (electronics) with Kotekasu;

Nelson da Rabeca, all the way from Brazil!

Maria Sappho and Colin Frank with Horses for Courses (brutalust);

Chris Dowding with Mundesley #1; Sothiac and Paul Jolly with Psyche, video by Michele Bernardi;

La Course Run! A video by Catherine Karako, first part of a dyptique about violence against women;

Jim Denley with Lachlan Swamp;

Thank you so much for coming ‘out’ today, please remember to check our website; for the rest of the Mopomoso Holiday Specials 2020, teasers & more! And join us again on Sunday January 17th 2021 at 2pm GMT! Please support The Vortex;

Episode 6: November

Welcome to the sixth episode from Mopomoso TV bringing you improvised music from around the world.

Why not make yourself this month’s cocktail from our very own Charlotte Keeffe?

Let’s go for a Mopomoso Fruity Twister this month…

Once again, take your favourite glass and add some ice, pour some peach juice, passion fruit juice, orange juice and pineapple juice over the ice, stir until content and then garnish with a bright yellow lemon to match John’s suit! If you fancy alcohol, add a splash, or three, of vodka… enjoy!

In today’s show we have: Trio Folio, In the Gallery, led by Chris Cundy bass clarinet – Paul K. Scott double bassist and Saul Scott drummer.

Sonic Pleasure, Play Pier –

London Improvisers Orchestra first performance back since (the 1st) lockdown in England, filmed by Lara de Belder – http://www.londonimprovisersorchestra… Line up for the first half; Douglas Benford – harmonium, Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet, Gero Kempf – double bass, Dave Fowler – drums, Adrian Northover – soprano saxophone, Jackie Walduck – vibes, line up for the 2nd half; Khabat Abas – cello, Adam Bohman – objects, Susanna Ferrar – violin, Caroline Kraabel – alto saxophone, Pascal Marzan – microtonal guitar, Emily Suzanne Shapiro – bass clarinet, Dave Tucker – guitar

Activity Center –… Burkhard Beins – percussion and strings, Michael Renkel – strings and percussion

Flabbergasted Tree –… Elo Masing – violin, Albrecht Walter – bandoneon, Thomas Kumlehn – flute, whistle, joined by the french dancer Coline Quintin Emily Suzanne Shapiro with a bass clarinet solo at Hundred Years Gallery in London –

Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse –

Martin Clarke saxophone solo outside –

Pinguin Moschner, Selfie with Tuba, filmed by Ebba Jahn – Ryan McGuire, Dirk van der Hoek

Scatter, filmed by Kostas Chondros, Dave Tucker –… ,

Pat Thomas –… , Phil Minton – , Roger Turner – , John Russell – .

Robert Jarvis – , Adam Bohman, and Tim Fletcher, ‘Good for a Blast’, filmed by Jonathan Bohman, @SecludedBronte

Laura Cioffi flute solo(s) –

Jérôme Noetinger, Naabtal Death, AGogol, with Tattoos, filmed by mcddavid,,…

Phil Minton and John Russell, Two Figures in a Vortex, filmed by Helen Petts –

Outro – Paul Hubweber & Bulls Eye Orchestra, Fungi pair in Bullseye, filmed by Ebba Jahn…

Episode 5: October

Welcome to the fifth episode from Mopomoso TV bringing you improvised music from around the world. First off why not make yourself this months’ cocktail from our very own Charlotte Keeffe? A Mopomoso Mango Mojito? Using a pestle and mortar, crush around 10 mint leaves with a splash of mango juice and fresh lime juice. Take your favourite glass, crush some ice into it and squeeze some more fresh lime onto the ice and around the edges of the glass too, add more mango juice and maybe some soda if you wish as well as the crushed mint leaves from the pestle and mortar, stir and enjoy… If you fancy alcohol, add a splash of rum, yum!

In the show itself we have

Matthew Hutchinson first part of Foil Play…

Grot no Jut Javier Carmona (drums) Marco Serrato (bass) Antonio Luis Guillén (guitar)…

Viv Corringham solo voice Emil Gordoa vibraphone solo

Emil Gordoa vibraphone solo

Lars Bröndum / Per Gardin sax electronics

Toshimaru Nakamura / suzueri duo 5 minsToshimaru Nakamura(no-input mixing board)  and suzueri (prepared piano and handmade devices) duo session at Ftarri, Tokyo on 19th July. Full video :… / Toshimaru Nakamura:  su…

In-these-times IV from the RSH improvisation class (Düsseldorf/Germany) featuring Ekaterina Zhurasvskaya – voice, Yi-Yin Chien – flute, Bo Kyung Kim – clarinet, Yi-Chuan Yang – trumpet, Jia-Hua Feng – trombone, Matthias Balzac – violoncello, Jean Hommel and Dennis Pientak – double bass, Hubertus Dreyer – synths and mixing…

Okkyung Lee cello solo filmed by Helen Petts Thelmo Cristovam saxophone solo.

Olaf Rupp (guitar)-Rudi Mahal(bass clarinet)-Kasper Tom Christiansen(drums) trio… The moody alien kalimba solo

Charlotte Hug A song for voice water and soap

Live at The Vortex Lol Coxhill (saxophone) / John Russell (guitar) / Ute Wassermann (voice) trio…

Episode 4: September

Welcome to the premiere of Mopomoso Digital Episode 4. Featuring contributions from the wonderful world of free improvisation.

Mix yourself a Mopomoso cocktail from our virtual bar, Charlotte Keeffe recipe, and join us in the chat room: Grab your favourite glass, add some ice cubes, fill it mostly with yummy tomato juice, add a splash of lemon juice, Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce and a pinch of black pepper, pop in a couple of celery sticks and enjoy! Add a splash of vodka if you fancy alcohol.

Taking part are:

In a piece called ‘See you later Darling’ Chris Hill (film, guitar, objects, piano, pedals) and Ed Shipsey (piano, objects, voice, body)

Emi Watanabe (ryuteki) and Clive Bell (shakuhachi) with a film shot by Clive at NicK Collins’s pottery in Devon.….

Stephan Keune (saxophone) and Hans Schneider (bass) filmed especially for the programme and playing live in Germany.…

This is followed by a short piece with Susanna Ferrar ‘Where the Water’, filmed by Helen Petts and was originally recorded as part of Taps, a memorial event for Paul Burwell.

Following on is the trio of Mario Mattos (cello), Maria Gouvea (voice) and Thomas Rohrer (rabeca) recorded over Zoom. https://abaetetubacollective.wordpres…

The next very short piece is Phil Minton singing to insects in his garden which he calls ‘Happy Little Fellows’.

Another Zoom session follows, this time a duo from Raymond McDonald and Maria Sappho entitled ‘The Eyes Have It’

There is more nature with ‘The eruption of the Island of Shells’ by Martin Trippett who made both the film and plays the piano.…

Then comes another Helen Petts clip, this time from the Freedom of the City festival 2010 and featuring Leo Smith trumpet), Louis Moholo Moholo (drums) and Steve Noble (drums).

Mike Cooper comes in with a rooftop bar solo using a laptop guitar app. for a smartphone

And finally, there is a previously unreleased duo clip from a solo of Masahuru Showji (shakuhachi) and John Russell (guitar) from a Mopomoso concert that took place at the Vortex just before lockdown.

Do join us for the live premiere and tell your friends. Have fun!

Episode 3: August

Third edition of our new monthly series of music from the world of free improvisation featuring, in order of appearance –

‘One Handed’ Charlotte Law table top guitar ‘Two Minutes and Nine Seconds for

John Russell’ – Steve Beresford solo piano… Shore Line. A tactile score from Jackie

Walduck (vibes) with Adrian Lee (guitar) and James Risdon (recorders).…

Lol’s Harmonium played by Sam Bailey

Cello solo Fred Lonberg-Holm…

Live from Mopomoso at The Vortex Caroline Kraabel / Rowland Sutherland duo…

Machine piano Elico Suzuki – suzueri

All we know is God is always by our side Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt solo guitar…

Duo Chris Burn (piano) John Butcher (sax)

Interplay part 3 Atelier Grammophon Lockdown project

For Mopomoso by Robert Appleton (visuals and voice) with John Russell (guitar) Glen Hall (“For Mopomoso” John Russell asked Robert Appleton to create a piece for Mopomoso TV. He developed text, image and sound (vorTEX) into a composition which gave Glen Hall and Mia Zabelka total freedom to improvise together using a recording John had sent him. Then he put all of this together into visual music with the sounds of his own voice and textures in vorTEX software and created this beautiful piece.…

Do join us for the premiere and why not try our cocktail of the month? The White Suited Mopomoso Cocktail ‘Make a small cold black coffee, a cold espresso perhaps? Or, if you fancy, use a big splash of a coffee liqueur. Pour your mini cold coffee into your favourite glass, add some ice cubes and fill it up with a milk of your choice, or single cream, maybe even both!? You could also add a few drops of vodka, or rum… steady now, cheers!’