Mix yourself a Mopomoso cocktail from our virtual bar!

all recipes by Charlotte Keeffe 

The White Suite (Episode 3):

Make a small cold black coffee, a cold espresso perhaps? Or, if you fancy, use a big splash of a coffee liqueur. Pour your mini cold coffee into your favourite glass, add some ice cubes and fill it up with a milk of your choice, or single cream, maybe even both!? You could also add a few drops of vodka, or rum… steady now, cheers!

The Boom Bang Pow (Episode 4):

Grab your favourite glass, add some ice cubes, fill it mostly with yummy tomato juice, add a splash of lemon juice, Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce and a pinch of black pepper, pop in a couple of celery sticks and enjoy! Add a splash of vodka if you fancy alcohol. 

Mopomoso Mango Mojito (Episode 5):

Using a pestle and mortar, crush around 10 mint leaves with a splash of mango juice and fresh lime juice. Take your favourite glass, crush some ice into it and squeeze some more fresh lime onto the ice and around the edges of the glass too, add more mango juice and maybe some soda if you wish as well as the crushed mint leaves from the pestle and mortar, stir and enjoy… If you fancy alcohol, add a splash of rum, yum! 

Mopomoso Fruity Twister (Episode 6)

Once again, take your favourite glass and add some ice, pour some peach juice, passion fruit juice, orange juice and pineapple juice over the ice, stir until content and then garnish with a bright yellow lemon to match John’s suit! If you fancy alcohol, add a splash, or three, of vodka… enjoy! 

Mopomoso Christmas Party (Holiday Special)

How about accompanying this instalment with a Mopomoso Christmas Party fruity Moptail? Find your favourite glass, pop some ice into it, add some cranberry juice, orange juice and if you wish, a big splash of your favourite vodka! Serve with a cherry on a toothpick, dusted in ground cinnamon… enjoy!

Christmas Eve Moptail (Holiday SPecial)

How about this Christmasy Mopomoso jammy Moptail Mojito? So, take your favourite glass, add some ice, or maybe some chilled tonic water? Pop in a teaspoon of marmalade with some mandarin juice and then if you’d like to, pour two big splashes of dark rum and a star anise, stir to your liking and then sip away… Merry Mopomoso Christmas Eve folks! 

Boxing Day Moptail (Holiday Special)

What about this Mopomoso yummy, juicy ginger Moptail to accompany today’s Boxing Day Mopomoso blast? Prepare your favourite glass with a little ice and/or some chilled soda water, pour in some ginger ale, lemon and/or lime juice, and some grape juice, stir in and add a generous splash of a spirit of your choice if you wish, maybe rum, vodka, or gin? Serve with a Christmassy cherry, dusted in ground cinnamon, or maybe a sprig of rosemary and pomegranate seeds… improvise! 

New Year’s Eve Moptail (Holiday Special)

So, for New Year’s Eve why not try this delicious, blackberry moody Mopomoso Moptail number in your favourite glass… Use the back of a small spoon to squash and mix together a generous handful of blackberries, then add a big splash, or squeeze of lemon juice, a little vanilla extract and a teaspoon of honey, mix altogether and maybe strain through any kind of strainer you have to hand to get rid of any hard bits from the blackberries. Once strained, add chilled soda water, stir and enjoy… Serve with some fresh mint leaves and of course, add a splash of your favourite spirit, if you wish… 

New Year’s Day Moptail (Holiday Special) 

WAHOO, Happy Mopomoso New Year folks! Let’s celebrate this instalment of Mopomoso TV by raising a glass of Mopomoso New Year Sparkle… Taking your favourite glass – make it a champagne glass today 😉 and pour in some chilled, sparkly elderflower juice, or elderflower cordial with chilled soda water onto some ice cubes, add some pomegranate juice, and/or cranberry juice, stir gently and serve with raspberries, you could also add a splash of vodka or… treat yourself to some champagne!  

Mega Ginger Mopomoso Grapefruit Spritzer! (Episode 8)

Pop some ice cubes into your favourite glass and then fill about 75% of it with some yummy ginger beer/ale, easy! Now, pour some grapefruit juice in and a spirit of your choice if you wish, stir and sip! Garnish with mint leaves and cranberries for wintery, refreshing tones…

Mopomoso Matriarchal Venus (March Special)

Drop a few ice cubes into your favourite glass, add a big splash of prosecco & elderflower cordial, or just elderflower cordial, fill 75% of your glass up with blood orange juice, maybe a splash of aperol too, get the taste you want by adding a little more elderflower cordial, &/or prosecco and then complete your drink by adding soda water, serve with big a slice of orange on the side…