Mashup May (episode 12)

Hello, and a very warm Mopomoso welcome to Mashup May’s episode! Mopomoso Team’s Charlotte Keeffe recommends this Mopomoso Mashup moptail to accompany today’s special show… Drop some ice cubes into your favourite glass once again, mash a handful of white grapes and add the juice to the ice, followed by a big squeeze of lemon juice, a splash of pear juice and a delicate drop of elderflower cordial, stir, mashup and mix! Fill the rest of your glass with soda water and maybe a little spirit of your choice, whiskey? Garnish with sage leaves for a yummy mashup taste!

On with the show… This month, we’re thrilled to present the following improvising musicians and artists… Abbey Duet by Paul Hubweber Joschka Oetz and Ebba Jahn Matt Taylor –… AONY by Mark Hewins –… Tribute to John by Yumiko Yoshimoto – Dee Byrne – Utopies Instrumentales – Quatuor Remy Belanger de Beauport, Oliver D’Amours, Gueze, Robin Servant White Rabbit by Paul Khimasia Morgan Ivan Mrsic Hommage to Phill Dryson (excerpt) Adam Bohman… and Adrian Northover Bambu by Thomas Rohrer –… Fiona Lee, Jasper Fung and Nerve – Live at 形起釋影 いんへいしっくいん. The session was recorded at Twenty Alpha on 26 Feb 2021. The full-length video: Fiona Lee (electronics, self-made instrument) Jasper Fung (electronics, objects) and Nerve (electronics, toy piano) John Russell – and Louis Moholo Moholo… Audio and visual material for the Mashup videos is by the Mopomoso Team – see the website below for more details. The Mashup videos have been created by Kostas, dd and Charlotte for this episode. What a wonderful episode once again! Thank you to EVERYONE involved & thank you to you for watching! Please share the shows, spread the Mopomoso music: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world on Sunday 20th June! For more details/info and to get in touch, please visit our website;​ Love from the Mopomoso Team! MOPOMOSO LIVE RETURNS AT THE VORTEX ON SUNDAY 27TH JUNE!

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