Episode 3: August

Third edition of our new monthly series of music from the world of free improvisation featuring, in order of appearance –

‘One Handed’ Charlotte Law table top guitar http://charlottewendylaw.net/minfo.html ‘Two Minutes and Nine Seconds for

John Russell’ – Steve Beresford solo piano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_B… Shore Line. A tactile score from Jackie

Walduck (vibes) with Adrian Lee (guitar) and James Risdon (recorders). http://music.britishcouncil.org/resou…

Lol’s Harmonium played by Sam Bailey https://sambailey.space

Cello solo Fred Lonberg-Holm https://www.discogs.com/artist/281320…

Live from Mopomoso at The Vortex Caroline Kraabel / Rowland Sutherland duo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolin… http://www.rowlandsutherland.com

Machine piano Elico Suzuki – suzueri http://suzueri.org

All we know is God is always by our side Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt solo guitar https://stadtsprachen.de/en/author/se…

Duo Chris Burn (piano) John Butcher (sax) https://www.chrisburnmusician.com http://www.johnbutcher.org.uk

Interplay part 3 Atelier Grammophon Lockdown project https://ateliergrammophon.wordpress.com

For Mopomoso by Robert Appleton (visuals and voice) with John Russell (guitar) Glen Hall (“For Mopomoso” John Russell asked Robert Appleton to create a piece for Mopomoso TV. He developed text, image and sound (vorTEX) into a composition which gave Glen Hall and Mia Zabelka total freedom to improvise together using a recording John had sent him. Then he put all of this together into visual music with the sounds of his own voice and textures in vorTEX software and created this beautiful piece. https://yorku.academia.edu/RobertAppl… https://www.glenhall.com https://www.miazabelka.com https://www.john-russell.co.uk

Do join us for the premiere and why not try our cocktail of the month? The White Suited Mopomoso Cocktail ‘Make a small cold black coffee, a cold espresso perhaps? Or, if you fancy, use a big splash of a coffee liqueur. Pour your mini cold coffee into your favourite glass, add some ice cubes and fill it up with a milk of your choice, or single cream, maybe even both!? You could also add a few drops of vodka, or rum… steady now, cheers!’

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