Episode 4: September

Welcome to the premiere of Mopomoso Digital Episode 4. Featuring contributions from the wonderful world of free improvisation.

Mix yourself a Mopomoso cocktail from our virtual bar, Charlotte Keeffe recipe, and join us in the chat room: Grab your favourite glass, add some ice cubes, fill it mostly with yummy tomato juice, add a splash of lemon juice, Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce and a pinch of black pepper, pop in a couple of celery sticks and enjoy! Add a splash of vodka if you fancy alcohol.

Taking part are:

In a piece called ‘See you later Darling’ Chris Hill (film, guitar, objects, piano, pedals) and Ed Shipsey (piano, objects, voice, body)

Emi Watanabe (ryuteki) and Clive Bell (shakuhachi) with a film shot by Clive at NicK Collins’s pottery in Devon. https://www.komuso.com/people/people….

Stephan Keune (saxophone) and Hans Schneider (bass) filmed especially for the programme and playing live in Germany. https://stefankeune.com https://www.talkbass.com/threads/hans…

This is followed by a short piece with Susanna Ferrar ‘Where the Water’, filmed by Helen Petts and was originally recorded as part of Taps, a memorial event for Paul Burwell. https://bandcamp.com/ferrar

Following on is the trio of Mario Mattos (cello), Maria Gouvea (voice) and Thomas Rohrer (rabeca) recorded over Zoom. https://musiclay.bandcamp.com/releases https://abaetetubacollective.wordpres…

The next very short piece is Phil Minton singing to insects in his garden which he calls ‘Happy Little Fellows’. https://www.philminton.co.uk

Another Zoom session follows, this time a duo from Raymond McDonald and Maria Sappho entitled ‘The Eyes Have It’ https://raymondmacdonald.co.uk https://www.mariasappho.com

There is more nature with ‘The eruption of the Island of Shells’ by Martin Trippett who made both the film and plays the piano. https://www.noegomusic.com/breakwell-…

Then comes another Helen Petts clip, this time from the Freedom of the City festival 2010 and featuring Leo Smith trumpet), Louis Moholo Moholo (drums) and Steve Noble (drums). http://www.helenpetts.com

Mike Cooper comes in with a rooftop bar solo using a laptop guitar app. for a smartphone http://www.cooparia.com

And finally, there is a previously unreleased duo clip from a solo of Masahuru Showji (shakuhachi) and John Russell (guitar) from a Mopomoso concert that took place at the Vortex just before lockdown.

Do join us for the live premiere and tell your friends. Have fun!

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