Episode 5: October

Welcome to the fifth episode from Mopomoso TV bringing you improvised music from around the world. First off why not make yourself this months’ cocktail from our very own Charlotte Keeffe? A Mopomoso Mango Mojito? Using a pestle and mortar, crush around 10 mint leaves with a splash of mango juice and fresh lime juice. Take your favourite glass, crush some ice into it and squeeze some more fresh lime onto the ice and around the edges of the glass too, add more mango juice and maybe some soda if you wish as well as the crushed mint leaves from the pestle and mortar, stir and enjoy… If you fancy alcohol, add a splash of rum, yum!

In the show itself we have

Matthew Hutchinson first part of Foil Play https://mattjhutchinson.wixsite.com/m…

Grot no Jut Javier Carmona (drums) Marco Serrato (bass) Antonio Luis Guillén (guitar) https://marcoserrato.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/marcoserrato… https://alguillen.bandcamp.com/ https://algmegias.wixsite.com/alguillen#

Viv Corringham solo voice http://vivcorringham.org Emil Gordoa vibraphone solo https://www.emiliogordoa.com

Emil Gordoa vibraphone solo


Lars Bröndum / Per Gardin sax electronics https://larsbrondum.bandcamp.com https://pergrdin.bandcamp.com

Toshimaru Nakamura / suzueri duo 5 minsToshimaru Nakamura(no-input mixing board)  and suzueri (prepared piano and handmade devices) duo session at Ftarri, Tokyo on 19th July. Full video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Qr3j… / Toshimaru Nakamura:  http://www.toshimarunakamura.com/  su… http://suzueri.org

In-these-times IV from the RSH improvisation class (Düsseldorf/Germany) featuring Ekaterina Zhurasvskaya – voice, Yi-Yin Chien – flute, Bo Kyung Kim – clarinet, Yi-Chuan Yang – trumpet, Jia-Hua Feng – trombone, Matthias Balzac – violoncello, Jean Hommel and Dennis Pientak – double bass, Hubertus Dreyer – synths and mixing https://soundcloud.com/hdathome/in-th…

Okkyung Lee cello solo filmed by Helen Petts Thelmo Cristovam saxophone solo. https://thelmocristovam.bandcamp.com

Olaf Rupp (guitar)-Rudi Mahal(bass clarinet)-Kasper Tom Christiansen(drums) trio http://www.audiosemantics.de https://barefootrecords.bandcamp.com/… The moody alien kalimba solo https://moody-alien.weebly.com

Charlotte Hug A song for voice water and soap https://www.charlottehug.com

Live at The Vortex Lol Coxhill (saxophone) / John Russell (guitar) / Ute Wassermann (voice) trio https://soundcloud.com/utewassermann https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lol_Cox…

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