Episode 6: November

Welcome to the sixth episode from Mopomoso TV bringing you improvised music from around the world.

Why not make yourself this month’s cocktail from our very own Charlotte Keeffe?

Let’s go for a Mopomoso Fruity Twister this month…

Once again, take your favourite glass and add some ice, pour some peach juice, passion fruit juice, orange juice and pineapple juice over the ice, stir until content and then garnish with a bright yellow lemon to match John’s suit! If you fancy alcohol, add a splash, or three, of vodka… enjoy!

In today’s show we have: Trio Folio, In the Gallery, led by Chris Cundy bass clarinet – https://www.chriscundy.com/ Paul K. Scott double bassist and Saul Scott drummer.

Sonic Pleasure, Play Pier – https://www.facebook.com/theSonicP/

London Improvisers Orchestra first performance back since (the 1st) lockdown in England, filmed by Lara de Belder – http://www.londonimprovisersorchestra… Line up for the first half; Douglas Benford – harmonium, Charlotte Keeffe – trumpet, Gero Kempf – double bass, Dave Fowler – drums, Adrian Northover – soprano saxophone, Jackie Walduck – vibes, line up for the 2nd half; Khabat Abas – cello, Adam Bohman – objects, Susanna Ferrar – violin, Caroline Kraabel – alto saxophone, Pascal Marzan – microtonal guitar, Emily Suzanne Shapiro – bass clarinet, Dave Tucker – guitar

Activity Center – http://www.burkhardbeins.de/groups/ac… Burkhard Beins – percussion and strings, Michael Renkel – strings and percussion

Flabbergasted Tree – https://noiseberg.bandcamp.com/album/… Elo Masing – violin, Albrecht Walter – bandoneon, Thomas Kumlehn – flute, whistle, joined by the french dancer Coline Quintin Emily Suzanne Shapiro with a bass clarinet solo at Hundred Years Gallery in London – http://www.emilysuzanneshapiro.com/

Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse – http://instantplaces.ca/index.html

Martin Clarke saxophone solo outside – https://martinclarkemusic.net/

Pinguin Moschner, Selfie with Tuba, filmed by Ebba Jahn – http://ebbajahnprojects.blogspot.com/ Ryan McGuire, Dirk van der Hoek

Scatter, filmed by Kostas Chondros, Dave Tucker – http://preparedguitar.blogspot.com/20… ,

Pat Thomas – http://www.efi.group.shef.ac.uk/mthom… , Phil Minton – https://www.philminton.co.uk , Roger Turner – https://www.turners-site.com , John Russell – https://www.john-russell.co.uk .

Robert Jarvis – http://www.robertjarvis.co.uk/ , Adam Bohman, https://adambohman.bandcamp.com/ and Tim Fletcher, ‘Good for a Blast’, filmed by Jonathan Bohman, @SecludedBronte

Laura Cioffi flute solo(s) – https://www.lauracioffi.net/

Jérôme Noetinger, Naabtal Death, AGogol, with Tattoos, filmed by mcddavid, https://agogolnaabtaldeath.bandcamp.com, https://tonhalle-hannover.de/events/a…

Phil Minton and John Russell, Two Figures in a Vortex, filmed by Helen Petts – http://www.helenpetts.com

Outro – Paul Hubweber & Bulls Eye Orchestra, Fungi pair in Bullseye, filmed by Ebba Jahn http://ebbajahnprojects.blogspot.com/…

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