Matriarchal March Mopomoso (Episode 10)

Hello, & a very warm March Matriarchal Mopomoso welcome to today’s special instalment of Mopomoso TV! Maggie Nicols (…​) will be joining us for this month as an introducer and all-round iconic woman! Maria Sappho (​) has weaved together this awesome episode of Mopomoso TV & also features as an introducer alongside Maggie & the rest of the Mopomoso Team!

Mopomoso Team’s Charlotte Keeffe recommends this Mopomoso Matriarchal Venus moptail: Drop a few ice cubes into your favourite glass, add a big splash of prosecco & elderflower cordial, or just elderflower cordial, fill 75% of your glass up with blood orange juice, maybe a splash of aperol too, get the taste you want by adding a little more elderflower cordial, &/or prosecco and then complete your drink by adding soda water, serve with big a slice of orange on the side…

Caroline Kraabel –​ Aurelie Freoua – Résonances – filmed by Mark James. Liran Donin (double bass), Simon Roth (drums), Alberto Palau Garcera (piano)​,​ Instagram: @aurelie_art, @resonances_performances James Christian Winters (they/them) – “Calling Venus” –​ Zoe Katsilerou – filmed & choreographed by Zoe Katsilerou –​ instagram: @zoekatsilerou Silvia Bolognesi, double bass –​ Pat Moonchy – Flying swans –…​ Elke Schipper & John Russell – The Art of the Duo – Vario 50 – recorded October 2014 at the KUBUS, Hannover –…​ Ebba Jahn (​) & women of Oxford Improvisers (​) – a women’s arts interplay SOLO FOR ENCAUSTICS, video collage by Ebba Jahn (5:30​ min., 2021), with images and recordings by Oxford Improvisers in order of appearance; Suzanne Healey – tone woods, Jill Elliot – viola, Clare Woodham – bass clarinet with Emma Wellings – djembe, Camilla Cancantata – vocals, piano, Rosalind Bleach – viola, Lizzy Spight – vocals, dance, Nini Sakhri – piano, gongs, soundscape, vocals. Encaustic Paper Pairs artworks by Ulrike Hasenburg. Biggi Vinkeloe –​ Rie Nakajima (she/her) (Fukuoka/London) –​ Emily Newman (she/her) –​,​,​ Ulrike Schöller – visual Artist, Germany – https://ateliergrammophon.wordpress.c…​ Yasuko Kaneko, trombone –…​ Una MacGlone – (Twitter) @unabass @barkbarkdogsp @Jeanmcewan Sarah Pudelek – author, Germany –…​,…​ Emily Suzanne Shapiro –​, https://lonelyimpulsecollective.bandc…​, https://www.lonelyimpulsecollective.c…​ Sue Lynch –​ and Hutch Demouilpied (trumpet).,​ Lyn Hodnett and Gill Whiteley – Les Petroleuses, Together/Apart under Lockdown February 2021. Free improvisation audio was created and exchanged by Lyn and Gill; spontaneous drawings were then created in separate locations (Sheffield and Bala, Wales) whilst listening to each other’s audio. Audio tracks and video compiled by Gill. See…​ Yuki Saga (Vo,E.Gt) –​,​ Yumiko Tanaka (she/her) (E.Taisho-goto, Vo, Puppet manipulation) –​ RSH improv ladies 吾輩は猫である (Wagahai-wa neko de aru) Russian Lyrics spoken by Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, violin by Gayeong Gal and Xiaoxuan Chen, kitchen percussion by Xiaojingwen “Molly” Zhang, piano by her cat, synthesiser and mixing by Hubertus Dreyer EnnaWest, Lullaby – visual artist, Germany –…​ Maggie Nicols & John Russell (​) from the Mopomoso archive –…​ Checkout & subscribe to Faradena Afifi’s & Marion Treby’s Noisy Women YouTube channel here;…​ & here’s their website;​ Maria Sappho runs the facebook Feminsit Free Improvisation, everyone is welcome please join!…​ Thank you to EVERYONE involved & thank you to you for watching! Spread the Mopomoso music: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more freely improvised music from around the world on Sunday 18th April! Visit our website;​​ Love from the Mopomoso TV Team! Xxx

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