Celebration of John Russel’s Life in Music (Episode 9)

Hello, & a very warm, special Mopomoso welcome to Mopomoso TV’s Celebration of its founder, John Russell! Please note, this show is over 2hours & 15minutes long, so you might want to make yourself a Mopomoso cocktail, or two, from our selection here; https://tv.mopomoso.com/moptails/​ Many thanks to everyone involved in Mopomoso, especially to Mopomoso TV team’s Kostas Chondros for bringing everything together for you to watch today.

Further Mopomoso thanks & credits, in no particular order: John Russell Lecture (6 clips), John Russell – visiting Professor Lecture Musashino Art University, June 10, 2019 Camera: Zhang Fei – Zhao Zhengrong, Editing: Zhang Fei, Translation: Matsushita Yumi, Organisation: Christophe Charles – Musashino Art University Visiting Professor Program, June 10~15, 2019. https://youtu.be/O5vnpnuanuohttp://eizou.musabi.ac.jp/topics/2019…​ Chris Burn – piano Mike Cooper – guitar Suzueri Kay Grant – film & vocals Paul Buckton Susanna Ferrar – violin Akio Suzuki – percussion/objects & John Russell – guitar, film – Helen Petts Maggie Nicols – voice Roger Turner – percussion Ken Ikeda – electronics & Tetuzi Akiyama – guitar Clive Bell – shakuhachi & ukulele Recording of 2013 workshop at SPM contributed by Nicola Guazzaloca Stewart Lee Tanja Feichtmair – alto saxophone & John Russell – guitar Riya Kori – voice Phil Durrant – electronics Dave Tucker – guitar Steve Beresford – piano, Helen Petts image Ståle Liavik Solberg Raymond MacDonald – saxophone, edited by Maria Sappho, https://raymondmacdonald.co.uk​ James Christian Winters/Tumbleweed – Improvization for John Russell Dom Lash Osvaldo La Porta – ULTIMO Ove Volquartz – “Blue Line with Yellow Contour” Enzo Rocco – ciao John Paulo Hartmann – “Have a safe trip John” Mia Zabelka Gina Southgate & Alan – For John, Normal Rules Final Gianni Mimmo Body (interlude) Rick Jensen Dom Minasi – In Memory of John Russell, www.domminasi.com email: [email protected] Yasuko Kaneko Pascal Marzan – “Hommage a John Russell” Showji Masaharu – saxophone, “For John Russell from Showji Masaharu” Nicola Guazzaloca – Eduardo Marraffa, in memory john russell Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, duet from Maggie Nicols & Steve Beresford, edited by Ross Birrell Hauta-Aho, John Russell & Phil Wachsmann – Festival R de Choc #2 Ollie Brice Elaine Mitchner, Alison Blunt, Mark Sanders & John Russell Vario 44 – Dorothea Schürch, John Butcher, Günter Christmann, Thomas Lehn, John Russell, Roger Turner Antoine Prum Nicola L. Hein Sabu Toyozumi Vario 50 – Elke Schipper, John Russell, Alexander Frangenheim, Mats Gustafsson, John Russell Kei Nakano’s tribute will be part of a future Mopomoso TV episode Douglas Benford Musashino Art University Students & Lecturers who attended the John Russell Workshops in 2018 & 2019, “Homage à John Russell” Christophe Charles: sound, camera, Ichiseki Fuko: ms-20 synthesizer, JOU: dance, Koyanagi Junji: network, Kurashima Yuta: cymbals, violin, Lee Jaewon: cans, cardboards, Lu Jadai: guitar, Maeda Seitaro: digital synthesizer, Matsuo Shintaro: soft synthesizer, Morishige Hikaru: radio, Yokoba Yuri: arp odyssey, Zhang Junkai: bass, toothbrush. Chad Clark Stephen Ying – flute, Refa Wang – double bass & Atelier YenAn – film Yumiko Tanaka, Jenny Gallego – film John Butcher, Dom Lash & John Russell – with photos from the archives of John Butcher, Luc Houtkamp, Sean Kelly & Andy Newcombe Veryan Weston & Joe Smith Sands Akira Sakata Akihiro Kubota George Burt – John’s Galliard Martin Vishnick – ‘The Tolling Gong for John Russell’, inspired by John Donne’s poem ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ Pascal Marzan, Paulo Hartmann & John Russell Lucky & Pat Moonchy – soundcheck at SKRONK Ute Wassermann – breathing, voice, microphone, “For John Russell from Ute Wassermann” https://birdtalking.de/​ Phil Minton Doctor Who/John – Maria Sappho Maarten Altena Burkhard Beins Günter Christmann Martin Davidson Terry Day Jim Denley John Edwards Jo Fell Caroline Forbes Steve Frances Alexander Frangenheim Mike Gennaro Leslie Glasgow Mats Gustafsson Jörg Hufschmidt Matthew Hutchinson Thomas Lehn Michael Lembke Paul Lovens Radu Malfatti Mathias Maschat Phil Morsman Torsten Müller Evan Parker Antoine Prum Elke Schipper Ulrike Schöller Dorothea Schürch Jean-Michel van Schouwburg Raymond Strid David Tinn Kris Vanderstraeten Isabelle Vannier Ting Yui Enna West Otomo Yoshihide Please spread the Mopomoso word! You can also follow John Russell’s Mopomoso legacy here: Facebook: @mopomoso @MopomosoTV Insta: @mopomosotv Twitter: @MopomosoT @MopomosoInfo Mopomoso TV will return with more tributes to John Russell & more freely improvised music from around the world – March’s episode will be dedicated to women improvisers. For more details/info & to get in touch, please visit our website; https://tv.mopomoso.com/​ Love from the Mopomoso TV Team! xx

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