Privacy Policy

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU, effective as of 25th May 2018), strict laws are in place to protect the rights of individuals in regards to their personal data – be that email addresses, phone numbers, names, and any other information by which an individual may be identified.

This page outlines the responsibilities of this website regarding the data of individuals who visit this site and use the contact page, detailing how this data is obtained, processed, and deleted.


This page is powered by, implements essential cookies onto all its websites. WordPress privacy policy can be found at:


Cookies are small packets of data which are placed onto the user’s computer when they access a web-page, and are used to provide the user with a smooth experience. Many cookies are essential for the basic running of websites, affecting page-navigation, menus, and loading. Others are used to provide secure connections between the user’s browser and a website, to ensure an encrypted connection, and protect the user’s data. The majority of cookies are called “session cookies”, which will only remain stored on the user’s device for the duration of your web-session, and will be deleted once the browser is closed. Some other cookies are “permanent”, and are stored indefinitely until they are deleted by the user. You can adjust your cookie settings through the “settings” tab in your browser.  Please refer to your individual browser settings for information about managing cookies on specific browsers.

A list of the cookies used on this website can be found below. All cookies used on this site are essential for the smooth running of the website, or to ensure a secure and encrypted connection between the user’s browser and this site.

Cookie Name/Type/Function

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XSRF-TOKEN                                             Persistent cookie                                          Security

As detailed below in sections “YouTube” and “Soundcloud”, this site uses embedded content from YouTube and Soundcloud, both of which may log user content if the user views embedded content whilst logged in to accounts associated either of these websites. If you are logged into an account with these websites, embedded content may utilise cookies relating to these websites, which will be detailed in the websites’ privacy policy. Please see sections below for details.

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Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The internet service provider of this web page automatically logs access from the user’s browser. The following data is registered and stored:

  • Browser version and type
  • Operating system
  • IP address of computer
  • Time of request
  • Referrer
  • Search strings used on search engines

It is not possible to identify individuals using the above data.

Please contact your internet service provider for more information about how your data is logged and processed.


This website uses embedded content from YouTube YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When you view web pages where a YouTube plugin is embedded then data is transmitted to YouTube and stored on their servers. This allows YouTube to keep track which videos you have watched embedded into which websites. If you are logged into YouTube while you watch videos on this site then this will be associated with your account and YouTube logs your personal watch history. You can prevent this by logging out before you watch videos here and YouTube offers extensive controls to limit the storage of the watch history, to disable it and to remove this information from their servers. Please read their privacy policy at


This website uses embedded content from Soundcloud. As with YouTube, if you are logged into your Soundcloud account while listening to embedded content on this website, your streams will be attached to your user. This means Soundcloud will keep track of which tracks you have listened to. As a Soundcloud pro user, I am able to access this stream-data through my account in Soundcloud. This data is amalgamated with streams from Soundcloud’s website so I am unable to tell where a stream has taken place (embedded on my website or from Soundclouds website). Data collected in this way is transfered to and stored on their servers. Please read their privacy policy at



This website contains links to other sites. Mopomoso is in no way responsible for or endorses the content of external sites. This privacy policy applies to this domain only. External sites will have their own privacy policies, links to which can often be found at the footer of web-pages.

Your Data

Where is it stored?

By contacting Mopomoso via the email address on the “Contact” page of this website, your email address (and any other relevant personal information that you provide, ie. name, contact details) will be stored on a secure, password protected, server. This server is accessed through an encrypted connection on a secure browser, from a secure, password-protected, antivirus-protected computer and smart-phone, and is accessible to the Mopomoso volunteers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: Data sent in communication via the Mopomoso social media pages is held and processed according the respective privacy policies of these platforms.

At any point, you may request that your data be preserved after this period by contacting the volunteers via, and providing your explicit written consent. You reserve the legal right to request a copy of this data, or request correction or deletion of this data, as detailed below.

What is recorded?

Data recorded through emails via the contact page will include:

  • Your email address

Data which may also be recorded include:

  • Your name (if given)
  • Your telephone number (if given)
  • Your postal address (if given)
  • Any submission of text, video, links (etc.)

This data will be held for the sole purposes of:

  • correspondence regarding enquiries
  • publication of works
  • contact via the newsletter​

Your personal data will never be used for marketing purposes, or be shared with any third-parties, other organisations. ​

In compliance with UK and international law, in the case of suspected criminal activity or other legal obligation, this data may be shared with the relevant UK or international authorities.

At any point, you may exercise your legal right to request a copy of all personal data held. This will be freely provided without unreasonable delay. You reserve the right to request correction, or deletion of this personal data. If you have any concerns about how your data is held or processed, wish to request a copy of any data held about you, or wish to have your data corrected or deleted, please contact us via and a response will be sent as soon as possible.